The Seekers

The Adventure Begins
Where it all really began....

After the days of Verbosh XXXIII, the rulership of the City was lost in a bad hand of cards to a local Cleric of Ralishaz, who in turn lost it to a representative of Hextor. Since everyone involved in the game was accused of cheating somehow, it was decided by the casting of an Augury spell that an Oligarchy would become the “true rulers” of Verbosh… Conditions within the City went from bad to “the worst it has ever been”.

Orcs, ogres and goblins have been seen in town…. slavery was re-established as a normal practice, and most town guards will “look the other way” for payment of almost any small sum. Small-time “gang leaders” now move about town like kings, and though the thieves guild has yet to reestablish a visible stronghold, not even a locked stongbox hidden under your bed is safe from pilfering. Robbery, death, murder, mayhem… and rumors of dragons, werebeasts and even demons are heard within the City. No one seems to be safe…

Into this chaotic mess comes our brave adventurers…

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